Festival Season Begins!

Its autumn…which means its time for some of the biggest festivals of India. This is the time when (for a change) it actually feels great to have a bugeoning population! 🙂 as everyone crowds the streets…dressed their best … a true riot of colour.

Different states in India have varying presiding deities, and its quite interesting seeing the way festivals are celebrated differently.

Today is the start of the biggest festival in my city – Mumbai – Ganesh Chaturthi. The city’s presiding deity is Ganesha and is loved and revered in equal parts especially in Maharashtra with the Ganesha festival being at its boisterous best in Mumbai. Its no exception this year, as people have once again spared no expense for the elephant God, despite the back breaking inflation and general ineptitude of the administration.

Here’s what you can expect … (this photo is not mine and I do not claim the rights to it. Its purely used to show the sheer revelry the festival brings out)

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha lording over the minions

While on the other side of the country, in the hills of Darjeeling, the festival of Teej was celebrated. Here is a pic showing the celebration (again its not mine and I thank the photographer for posting it!)


Teej celebrated in Darjeeling




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