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The X Dimension


We all know well enough about the 3 dimensions around us and how they interact. The fourth dimension is supposedly that of space-time, which by itself is quite a difficult notion to swallow. In simple terms, it is the varying degrees that space and time bends, dependent on the mass/gravitational power of a body.

To better explain this, imagine there are 3 friends with one being big, tall and bulky, with the third being at the other extreme end, short and light and the second being in the middle of the spectrum. Imagine a flexible, springy membrane were stretched across a 10 feet x 10 feet room and all three were to jump onto this membrane at the same time at 3 different points. What would happen? The membrane would get pulled down lowest by the big guy causing the other 2 to tumble towards him. The other two also made a depression in the membrane but were affected by the big guy and were pulled towards him.

This is basically the theory that explains why the closer planets revolve faster around the sun. The sun being this big guy in the centre bending the membrane of the solar system downwards like a funnel. The further away the planets are, the slower they tumble around it.

Thus, this FOURTH dimensions, affects the length of the day on Mercury, as compared to Earth. This is also the reason why an astronaut experiences a slower passage of time as compared to those on earth (since he is far from the gravitational core of the earth)

This dimension though is not as apparent as the dimensions of length width and height…it has too large a scale for easy comprehension.

That is the reason I keep wondering, is there something else that is much easier to grasp in scale and affects our daily life without us even realising it? 

This immediately takes me to the amazing “psychic” abilities that some profess to have…

  • the amazing notion of “deja vu” that EVERYONE has (but no one can quite explain it)
  • Telekinesis and psychic prediction of events about to occur.
  • the unusual prevalence of “ghosts” and “spirits” from ancient times across all civilisations (even those without actual contact)
  • certain common syllables in all languages (such as mother beginning with the phonetic sound “ma”)
  • the concept of quantum physics with its Uncertainty principle (I think therefore I create?)

There are many many such intriguing, unexplained and unusual things around us, which lead me to believe that there is yet another (as yet undiscovered) dimension that binds things together. Recently, scientists came up with yet another addition to their Unified model with the Higgs boson, leading to tthe possibility of a universal Higgs field existing that gives all particles mass. Is this Higgs field our very own consciousness? If, according to quantum mechanics, we can influence the result of an experiment just by observing it, then surely we are imparting mass to something that did not exist before, and creating matter.

On the other side of the spectrum are some incredible physical feats monks, athletes and those in crisis, accomplish … deeds IMPOSSIBLE for their frail physical bodies to even comprehend attempting. Is this not altering matter and creating a new reality?

The Sloth Machine

As the cartoon above shows, if we can now predict the patterns of the brain waves and maybe one day harness them, could we not create a gigantic mental reactor to alter climate, create clean energy?

I personally believe that THOUGHT is the X dimension, the truly powerful dimension that when harnessed, can be the next great technology of mankind. 

Any and all inputs would be welcome 😀 its just my rambling self at 6 : 30 am!

(for some documented examples of mind over matter, the 2 that spring immediately to my mind are the TV series by the BBC on monks in Tabo monastery and the second being a series of videos on youtube documenting Russian research on telekinesis)


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5 thoughts on “The X Dimension

  1. interesting read, will definitely look up taboo monastery and telekinesis!!

    Posted by trojan020 | September 20, 2012, 5:53 am
  2. Very interesting. This also cleared up the discussion we once about that 4th dimension thingy. Now I understand better. Thank you.

    Posted by farhadhassan | September 21, 2012, 10:04 am


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