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Great Architects – 1 – Antoni Gaudi

Recently, in the architecture college where I teach as a visiting faculty, my fellow faculty members came up with a very interesting project. The students were divided into groups and assigned one among 10 total architects to study. They had to study their projects and their ideologies and then come up with a house that would do justice to the “master”.

While just browsing stuff, I saw an Antoni Gaudi structure which led me to think…why not try and have a series on great International and Indian architects with similar ideologies? I am starting with Antonio Gaudi as the first international master while I try and search around for an Indian architect with a similar thought process and projects 🙂

Gaudi was an architect who had an eye for minute detail and his structures are all fantastic, unreal structures you would not usually expect. To know more about him, read up here on Wikipedia. Below are some images of his works.

The images are not mine, all credit to their respective photographers.


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