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Impractical or Path Breaking – A Giant “Egg” In Mumbai

Recently I came across this “utopian” (for want of words to describe it) example of architecture being planned in Mumbai by Wadhwa Associates and designed by  James Law Cybertecture International.

A Rendering of the proposed Cybertecture Egg in Mumbai

The “Cybertecture Egg” which is either going to be one of the most radical buildings in Mumbai or a grand failure. It seems the project has been designed without much thought given to the terrible infrastructure Mumbai possesses and the practical feasibility of constructing and/or even recovering the costs post construction!

Of course, Mumbai (and India in general) are no strangers to such white elephants … a nation that has such disparity in the burgeoning middle class, the struggling lower class, fighting to survive, and the uber rich who construct such glorifying edifices with scant thought about the sheer wastage of funds involved that could perhaps have been channeled to improve general living conditions. (Another such controversial monolith is the shapeless, ugly, in-your-face, palace of opulence – Antilia – the skyscraper the Ambanis call home)

Although these projects are all quite interesting with the construction techniques and the possibilities envisaged, the systems used to construct and later on maintain them, are far removed from any thought of the actual climatic conditions here. The grime, extreme humidity, heat, monsoon…all combine to make it very challenging to come up with custom solutions that work with minimal maintenance – which is what such mega, utopian monstrosities need.

To read more, please do visit the website and read the actual report. The rendered visualisation used above is not mine and has been displayed only to make people aware.


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