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Photo Of The Day Sep 25th 2012

Yes Im lagging in my photo of the day uploads but of late its been a busy time, with me just playing catch up with everything! 🙂

The photo for Sep 25th is that of an amazing monastery (Taktsang – Tiger’s Claw) perched high up on the rocky crags around of Paro, Bhutan. Its almost a kilometre walk up a steep hill to reach the monastery which hugs the granite walls across a deep chasm with a waterfall gushing down past the steps to the plains far below. The setting is straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, and while this photo gives you an idea, true justice can only be done to it by having a complete set of photo graphs to know how awesome it is. I have said previously that I would be writing a travelogue for my trip to Bhutan and it shall be coming up once I finish my Chamba trip report!

Taktsang Monastery perched high above on the granite bluffs of Paro, Bhutan


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