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Breaking News : Are We All Martian?

Ok well that was tongue in cheek but it throws up interesting possibilities. Me, being the eternal thinker (of absurdities) begins to wonder what may have been…

The Curiosity Rover has just confirmed the past existence of vigorous, fast flowing streams of water on the now barren red planet. Perhaps Mars was once a thriving colony of beings, not too dissimilar from us? I do not think there is any doubt that life did exist on Mars, but for how long? Was it able to adapt in time to prepare for its annihilation?

Dried water channels and rounded pebbles beamed from Mars by Curiosity

Did the beings managed to adapt? some maybe fleeing to earth in spaceships (yea far fetched but amazingly romantic notion) or some digging down deep where they still move around under the surface, unobserved?

I do not think the question is “did life (as we know it) exist on Mars?” Thats probably been solved by this stunning discovery. The real question is “did life get enough time to evolve into sentient beings?” and the scarier question is “are we looking at our own future here? the way we are going!”

I would not be too surprised if the next discovery would be a fossil or a small exoskeleton or even a microbe! In fact, I’m sure that discovery is not as far fetched as it sounds! πŸ™‚

Keep dreaming and commenting! and make sur eyou are subscribed to the Curiosity twitter and the NASA JPL pageΒ to get the news as it breaks! πŸ™‚


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