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Photo Of The Day Sep 26th 2012


This photo is one of several I clicked while visiting an unbelievable archaeological site in Orissa (East India). Orissa, in ancient times was a very rich kingdom, being the base of Emperor Ashoka. It was also a thriving seat of Buddhism and the workmanship of the era was exquisite and spellbinding. This is just one picture of the excavation site of Ratnagiri about a 100 kilometres away from Bhubaneshwar. The site is built on a mound and is so truly amazing in its richness that literally every rock hides an ancient work of art!

Ratnagiri – A Mysterious Unexplored Gem

Excavations are going on continuously but they may barely have scratched about 10% of what treasures lie within. Sad that the security is so pathetic that vandals have looted whatever they could carry with impunity. Yet the site has thousands of artifacts unearthed, and yet, the evident disinterest in archaeology continues to hurt the history of our nation.

I would recommend this as a must see when you are in Orissa, for a true taste of the greatness of the era…before its all torn apart.


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