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Photo Of The Day Sep 29th 2012

Along the south-eastern border of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the North West Himalayas, lies the province of Kinnaur. As the road climbs on its way from the capital of Himachal, Shimla, the biggest town of the Kinnaur region is its capital – Sarahan. This is a picturesque valley along the Sutlej with apple orchards, surrounded by snow capped peaks on all sides.

This is also famous for its stunning Himachali architecture, best emphasised by the beautiful Bhimakalai temple and the splendid palace. The picture below is that of the Sarahan palace also known as the Raja Bushair palace and the Bhimakali temple complex.

The beautiful Raja Bushair Palace and Bhimakali Temple – Sarahan

Raja Bushair Palace is 200 year old monument. This palace cum temple complex is a wonderful multi-layered building in timber with beams of cedar. It was built by the Rampur rulers of Bushair, who once ruled Kinnaur.


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