The Last Stand

The cloying smell of anaesthetic floats down like a disembodied waif along the humid Stygian depths. The wet roof of the cavern hangs unevenly high above, betraying its imperfections through the dim halo that snakes around like the winter fog suffused with the dying embers of a peat fire … slithering and simmering its way with a controlled malevolence.

Foggy Cavern by Shinrou (Please visit his site if possible…all artists love being appreciated) 🙂

It had been a while now, since the far horizon had strobed with intense white light, and the long chrome arm had methodically stalked its way past the left edge, searching…probing hungrily… until finally it had retracted, releasing compressed jets of liquid in its wake, remorselessly flushing everything in its path…all the way down into the endless pits of hell. I could feel the wash as it gurgled away deep down into the bottomless pits of hell, all the way echoeing  and rippling; swelling and ebbing hollowly against the walls … the discordant notes of a grand piano ripping itself apart as it tumbled down an endless, steep escalator to the netherworld.

Its the lull before the storm and an expectant hush falls over the humid air. The jet has slashed its way and melted away layers along the sides, revealing polished, jagged white blocks lining the left edge of the cavern, sticking up resolutely like the spine of a long buried gigantic reptile who breathed its last eons ago. I have seen this before countless times and I know the end is near.

Malevolence personified

The horizon flashes an intense white again, and the leering mouth of the chrome monster glides in. The ghoulish spikes of the contraption are like a vicious Iron maiden turned inside out, seeking their target with unnerving precision. The hum begins on a subliminal level, gaining intensity as the motors begin rotating like a mechanical dervish in sadistic ecstasy. The hum intensifies into a high pitched wail of triumph, jarring my synapses, coming ever closer…

My Last stand – Vashkau Art. Please visit the site for some amazing illustrations


I know this is my last stand … I am weary to the point of collapse. Its time to let go, as I close my eyes against the storm of malevolence that threatens to tear my mind apart. Yet, I know I will not give it the pleasure of hearing me scream … let my final stand be long remembered for unfailing courage in the face of impossible odds. Redemption is just an arm’s length away







Wakey wakey!

“Right, we’re done now. You can open your eyes. Sorry ’bout that… the final cavity was a real doozy!”

Dentists…the blokes that test your testicular fortitude by jabbing you in the
mouth with medieval torture devices. The irony and the ridiculousness of it all
….. gets worse when you end up with a hole in your pocket, just because you
were careless enough with your teeth … in your childhood!

(and someone said you pay for your sins after you die – I’m quite positive he never really had an intimate session with a modern day dentist)

I’m out of here now, got to make myself that medal for bravery in the line of fire. God knows, that’s one medal well earned!


May I have this please? 🙂 Credit –


This article is a bit unusual and its a work of fiction that I hope will be entertaining enough to read all the way through. This is my submission for the WordPress weekly challenge based around similes/metaphors. I have tried to take the idea to a new level, with the entire article itself being a simile 🙂 Please comment/critique on what you liked/disliked 🙂



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