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Disappearing In Time – Losing Focus

On an early morning, for some unusual reason, the tide had not yet come in…and neither had the ferry. The gloomy, overcast skies made it depressingly surreal with people walking away into the distance to the end of the jetty that led nowhere – almost like disappearing in time…fading away… losing focus.

Had to have it in black and white to sum up the mood…the tense, heavy, brooding sky and the waves gently lapping the shores – as if waiting for something to happen.

Fading away into the still grey sea


Daily Prompt: The Natural World

Today’s Daily Prompt

Everytime I step out and look around, I find wonder in the infinite paradoxes that nature throws forward. Everywhere you look, chaos and order are intertwined like the veritable yin-yang. Two opposites, yet equally important in the grand scheme of things. 

I tried to click something that would bring out this duality – the curve of the flower pot, a strong geometric presence amidst the chaotic fallen leaves, again offset by the linear progression of the plant growing upwards, in turn offsetted by the chaotic spread of colours.

Order and Chaos

The Sentinel

As the dark clouds gather low,

A ruddy glow fills the night

The sentinel stands ready

Ever alert, out of sight

The sentinel

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Twins, companions to each other and me 🙂

My daughter and my favourite guitar, both came to my life only a few days apart from each other, almost 9 years ago. They are companions to each other and of course to me!

The golden vortex at the End Of Time

…and the waves swirled,

on luminous shores of old.

Softly, the musky scent unfurled,

the tantalising sea of gold.


The vortex at the end of time



The radiant Ardbeg, a class apart 🙂

Lord Magenta Holds Sway

On a gloomy, rainy day,

Lord Magenta came fluttering by

to hold sway in the green tinted sky

for a split second before waving goodbye

A fleeting moment of vivid colour

Photo Of The Day – 16th June 2013

Rekindled my love for photography today after ages 🙂 Having to brush the cobwebs and buckle up! 🙂

Here’s the pic for the day and alongwith it is my daughter… its Fathers’ Day!! 🙂 my little gift to her.

Nestled among the folds far below, the crystal finds sanctuary

To my angel with a lot of love 🙂

Photo Of The Day – The Ruins of Avantipora


I have been thinking of what to write about and unfortunately what I have picked up is to put down all the “legendary” stories I made up for my daughter 🙂 However, unless I am able to paint the correct picture, you would not get an idea of what I had visualised, so its taking a bit longer than expected while I figure out the art style.

In the meantime, here’s a pic of the ruined temples at Avantipora near Srinagar. I had clicked this picture whilst travelling back from Pahalgam to Srinagar on a frosty, snowy morning – Dec 30th 2010. Instead of the lovely saffron fields, there was an equally impressive expanse of snow…a literal white ocean extending in the distance. (I will upload that picture tomorrow, its quite lovely)

This one though is of the temple complex…sad to see such an amazing piece of architecture lying in ruins, with no one to care about it. There were a couple of kids skiing and playing in the snow in the far distance, but otherwise, no one around. The first picture is of the complex as it once used to stand in all its glory, followed by a pic of the sad, desolate ruins on a snowy morning.

A schematic of the temple in its glory days




The Big Desert Art Festival

This one is a quick post about a terrific festival in the making this winter in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

There is going to be a bonanza for music lovers (and art lovers in general) A new festival titled “Ragasthan” is being organised between the 16th to the 18th of November. This promises loads of exciting activities on the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, with 4 distinct music stages, separate tents for art and films, and even a workshop on “budget” sci-fi movie making! To add to all of it, they also have some cool extreme sports such as zorbing, dune riding etc.

the Ragasthan festival website

The accomodation will be in tents ranging from luxury tents to ones that you carry yourself!

Check out the cool website here and also book tickets here.

PS : do have a look at the insane number of headlining bands…a literal whos who of music in India! (especially Rock music!!!) 🙂

The Lonar Crater – Aurangabad

Hi all,

I am back after a bit of a hiatus… apologies, work kept me really busy! 😦 We have just released 4 games on the android platform that are trivia based (more details here) and I hope some of my readers enjoy them.

Anyway, onto the special locale for today – the Lonar crater. It is the biggest crater on the Deccan plateau of Central India (and the only one discovered yet) The crater is also one of the handful around the world of its size and is quite unusual for its saline lake in the centre.


The massive crater – satellite image


The crater is found in the Buldana district of the state of Maharashtra and is believed to have been caused in the Pleistocene era by a high velocity meteoritic impact. This crater is also special as it has been mentioned in ancient Hindu texts and seems to have had ancient temples and cave systems since ages back.


A temple around the rim.


The crater is not an easy trek down from the rim (for newbies) but once down, there is a lot to explore. The lake around the centre is ringed by a forest that promises mystery since it has not been explored in detail and could hide surprising places of archaeological importance. Perhaps someday, someone will excavate and find something unique 😀

More information on the crater can be found here.

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