Logo Quiz Extreme Series of games

The first of our android games, this is a series of quiz games that we hope will be entertaining for everyone. Please download and share the games on google + and on Facebook and twitter if you like them. Small developers like us who make free games, need all the support possible, with at least downloads helping us recover something from ad revenue. Also if possible, please download the free game offered in the beginning, will help us a lot!

Many more games are expected soon, including some retro and sports games! 🙂

1. Logo Quiz Extreme (Corporate)Download here please.

2. Logo Quiz Extreme (World Flags)Download here please.

3. Logo Quiz Extreme (World Emblems)Download here please.

4. Logo Quiz Extreme (World Capitals)Download here please.





Wordsearch 3D for iphone

For those who love Word games, this iphone game should be fun. (I sure hope it is………..cos we developed it!) 😀 Please do download it and check it out… its FREE and downloads help us poor developers survive!

Download ON ITUNES

On FaceBoook -> http://www.facebook.com/Wordsearch3DNew



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