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The Big Desert Art Festival

This one is a quick post about a terrific festival in the making this winter in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

There is going to be a bonanza for music lovers (and art lovers in general) A new festival titled “Ragasthan” is being organised between the 16th to the 18th of November. This promises loads of exciting activities on the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, with 4 distinct music stages, separate tents for art and films, and even a workshop on “budget” sci-fi movie making! To add to all of it, they also have some cool extreme sports such as zorbing, dune riding etc.

the Ragasthan festival website

The accomodation will be in tents ranging from luxury tents to ones that you carry yourself!

Check out the cool website here and also book tickets here.

PS : do have a look at the insane number of headlining bands…a literal whos who of music in India! (especially Rock music!!!) 🙂


The Dinosaurs’ Last Stand!!!

Along a secluded hill, facing the mighty Kanchenjunga range, the chill wind gusts downwards, past the dinosaurs running amok in this Jurassic Park!

The Last Stand Of The Himalayan Dinosaurs 🙂

Ok, its not THE Jurassic Park and neither are the dinosaurs alive 🙂 This is one of the most unusual, surrealistic science parks I have come across. Situated well away from the town of Kalimpong, up on the hill that leads onto Delo (famous as a picnic spot with splendid views of the Kanchenjunga range) lies an often overlooked, splendid science park, simply known as the… Science City 🙂

Whilst the actual exhibits in the building mid-way up the hill are the usual mini science experiments which are your usual run of the mill…the real treasures hide up on the crest of the hill. Walk up the path to the top and the vista will open out in front of you with an amazing array of life size, well crafted dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, looking well at ease on the wind swept hill. Making their home among these interesting specimens are a number of excellent large scale science exhibits demonstrating various principles of physics. All in all a beautifully made mini science park which does not get the due attention it deserves.

The next time you are in North Bengal – Kalimpong, do drop in for a visit. Kids will surely love the place and adults will be amazed and amused by it 🙂

Just for the record, I end with the usual photograph of the spectacular Kanchenjunga range taken from the Delo viewpoint further up the road.

The Beautiful Mt. Kanchenjunga from Delo, Kalimpong

A Surreal Park – Indian Artists, Architects – 1

The surreal rock garden

In my search for trying to find Indian equivalents to western architects, I started off with Antoni Gaudi in my post a couple of days ago. I looked around for an Indian architect who may have done work that is in the spirit of Gaudi, but the first name to pop up at me through the recesses of my memory, is not that of an architect. It is the brilliant, insanely talented Nek Chand, a man who has had no formal training of any kind, yet all he had was a vision of recycling waste and creating a fantasyland. (Read all about him by clicking on his name)

Based in Chandigarh, his garden is now a public park and is a must see if you are ever in the parts. Truly surreal and true to the spirit of Gaudi, it is a celebration of art.

This video above brilliantly picks up on his amazing creativity and vision. In the continuation of this series, I will be profiling another brilliant private effort – this time in the west of India.

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